About Us

Mission Statement:

To effect physical and emotional recovery and independence in Texas Veterans with disabilities by providing service dogs at no cost to the Veteran.

Training Partners

Mike Clemenson, owner, and operator of Hill Country Dog Center (HCDC) has created a company culture and reputation that is built on a long-lived principle of understanding the needs of the team, client, and community. Tailoring those needs for each individual is HCDC’s top priority. 

Without HCDC’s help, VA Dogs of Texas would not be able to train the number of dogs that we do, and not nearly at the best quality. We are extremely thankful for everything HCDC has done and continues to do for us. 

We whole-heartedly honor the way HCDC operates: 

– Treat everyone with dignity, respect and professionalism. 

– Honor all backgrounds and cultures. 

-Be present and stay committed. 

Due to our expansion, we are on a fast track to producing more 
trained dogs than in previous years, allowing us to serve more veterans.