“Enriching Texas Veterans Lives

and Giving Rescue Dogs a Purpose.”

Our Program

For more than 7 years, VA Dogs of Texas has provided trained service dogs to assist the lives of disabled veterans living across Texas. These veterans are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress  (PTS), Military Sexual Trauma (MST), and physical disabilities.

We believe that our veterans deserve to enjoy little things like being out in public, partaking in events that tend to gather large crowds, and fireworks. 

Through our experience, we have come to find service dogs can provide tremendous relief to
veterans who have learned to avoid “normal” situations and also need help with tasks like: 

  • Pulling a wheelchair

  • Picking up (Retrieving) items

  • Help to get up if you’ve fallen

  • Providing a “Brace” to stand, or sit

  • And many other tasks​



"You all saved my life."

Kota is my guardian angel. He follows me around and holds my space. When I am too caught up in the negative, he nudges me and brings me back to the present with his beautiful nose. It’s like he’s saying “Pet me and forget about your woes, let’s go for a walk…” Alessandra Schweers

"Jake has forever changed my life and I will forever be grateful."

My daughter got to go to the movies with a friend, she experienced being a real kid.

I have credited Jake with interrupting several fomerly debilitating anxiety attacks. Last week, I was home alone and passed out from an attack. I woke up shortly after to Jake licking me and nudging me to get up. 

Jamie Cole

"She stays with me no matter where I go."

Once Onyx got here, I’m more stable. I don’t suffer as much anymore. When I’m with Onyx, I can go in the backyard without anyone having to worry about me falling. They know Onyx will help notify someone if I should fall.

Dan Simpson

“Due to having so many Veterans on our waiting list for dogs, we are currently not accepting new applications. However, we will continue to train dogs and conduct training classes with Veterans. We are processing the applications that we have, and as soon as we have trained enough dogs to significantly reduce our waiting list, we will resume accepting new applications.