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A VADogs Success Story



Veterans Assistance Dogs of Texas (VADogs) has been in existence for just over three years. We are proud to have six service dogs that we have rescued from shelters or humane society facilities, had them examined in detail by a veterinarian, spent about a year training them by our special dog trainer, matched them up with a disabled Veteran, trained the dog/Veteran partners for a month or two, and then after the partners are successfully tested together for required behavior, we gave the dogs to the Veterans free of charge ready for significant changed to life.

We would like to share with you the success story of just one of these two dogs. This is a short testimonial story of one of the partnerships- John and Suzie (see photo below).              

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Isaac and Gunner:
It used to be, after my first tour of duty, that I hated going out places.  I didn't like being around civilian, and I was most comfortable in uniform, with my fellow Soldiers around.  I could still go, though, because I knew that I could get up and leave where ever I was, when ever I decided it was time to go.

I was injured during training for my last tour in Iraq, but I fought through the pain to deploy with my Soldiers.  Suddenly I found that I couldn't leave when I wanted to, and my fears and anxiety of being caught in a crowd during an attack where getting worse.  My temper was getting more out of hand, and I was isolating myself in my home.

When Gunner came into my life, suddenly I didn't feel like a target; I didn't feel as though I was the center of people's focus when I went into a store.  Instead, they saw Gunner first, and he became my buffer.  I still find myself panicking at Walmart and HEB, but Gunner will scoot up close to my leg and stand there to let me know that I am not alone.

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